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Exciting weekend here at the church, where a "Top Hand" Clinic was held. Participants from all around came to learn ranch skills. Pastor Kye Rieff, and Pastor Coty Dowell, lead the class in the arena, where the participants learned life skills, they would need to work on a Ranch. More importantly they were taught, and shown, both in the arena, and out of the arena life skills, Christian values, and biblical lessons that they would need, to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We really appreciate Pastor Kye, and Coty, along with their wives Kasey, and Tonya for coming here, and putting on such a Christ Centered, and positive "life skills" ranch clinic.

Pastor Kye gave an evangelical message in the 9:00 service, and Pastor Jorge filled in for Pastor Steve in the 11:00 service. Both messages can be seen on our Facebook page.

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