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Who are we -- we are folks just like you. Some are ranchers, farmers, cowboys, but some work in an office, or drive a truck, or stay at home and raise the kids.


What’s our purpose-- to reach out in the community, inviting folks to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Where do we meet-- At The Risen Ranch Cowboy Church 10697 Cimmaron Road, Carthage, Mo.


When do we meet--Sunday Worship Service First Service 9:00 am, Second service 11:00 am and Wednesday evening Bible study at 7 PM. We would like to invite you to come and be a part of our fellowship.


We are members of the Spring River Baptist Association and Missouri Baptist Convention.

Under a Shade Tree


Little did we know that 4 men under a shade tree having a bible study would turn into Risen Ranch Cowboy Church.


Our first service was in November 2006 at Arby's Restaurant in Carthage, Mo. starting with 16 people.  Later in that year we moved to Civil War Arena and became Risen Ranch Cowboy Church. 


Civil War Arena was sold in 2010, so we had to relocate. God was so faithful and we were offered our new home at the Joplin Regional Stockyards from 2010-2012. 


Miraculously God provided for us to buy the property on Cimmaron Rd just a quarter mile from the stockyards. A land that was not for sale, but through God's hands was bought, our building,and arena were built. He has blessed us with a house that has been turned into our Ranch House Offices, and an arena that lets us provide the area with rides, rodeo's, shodeo's, and obstacle competitions. 


God is continuing to grow us in this new place, with so many ministries that new ones are starting all the time.


Come and join us, we would love to share what Jesus is doing and how He can change your life.

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