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Lot's of new things happening here at the church

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

We have just had two new home based Bible studies started at our church. They are on different evenings, at different locations. One on Tuesday evenings 6:00 in Mount Vernon. This group is led by Earl and Lynn Anderson. The other group is meeting on Thursday evenings at 6:00 in Carthage. This group is being led by Gene, and Joyce Morris. See our web page for more information on how to connect.

We are still holding a Wednesday evening Bible study in the book of Psalms at 7:00. This group is led by Pastor Darren. We have added the ability to join by Zoom meeting for those who are not able to attend personally. A link to Zoom is located on our web page.

Pastor Steve was recently preaching in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Pastor Billy, and Pastor Darren filled in the pulpit locally while he, and miss Debbie were there.

We recently hosted a fund raising rodeo for an upcoming clinic called Top Hands. This is an exciting new evangelical ministry being brought to our area. Many people have been introduced to Christ in other areas, where this clinic has been offered. Stay tuned to our web page, and Facebook page for information on the upcoming Top Hand Clinic.

Brett and Taylor Jones has accepted the leadership role for our youth group. We are excited to see where they take this group. Ages 13-18, come join them on Sunday mornings during the 11:00 service.

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Jim Cerne
Jim Cerne
Jan 09, 2022

Keep on building my friends, after all that is what we were instructed to do.

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